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Lifestyles of The Arts and Crafty: "Handcrafted Modern"

[Images: Rizzoli]

Covet Garden is obsessed with looking at other people's interiors. Which is why the book Handcrafted Modern: At Home With Midcentury Designers is like catnip to us. The tome, by by Leslie Williamson, reveals how modernist designers like Russel Wright and Eva Zeisel lived (or live—many of the artisans featured are still amongst, including 104-year-old Zeisel).

Above: Russel Wright's living room. Best-known for his ceramics, the industrial designer created furniture as well.

Above: As you can see in this scene from woodworker J.B. Blunk's home, he was heavily influenced by the Japanese asthetic.

Above: Eva Zeisel describes herself a "maker of useful things." Zeisel's living room showcases a collection of her designs.

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November 5, 2011 | Unregistered Commentertoronto house painters

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