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We Covet: Robert Sabuda

Robert Sabuda is a paper engineer, best know for his pop up books. We discovered his work while shopping for Christmas presents and became instant fans. When the movie Avatar came out, someone said that the best 3D effects are the ones that lead you into the movie, not the ones that jump out at you. The same can be said of Sabuda's intricate cut outs and contraptions: What springs off the page is a little universe that you can enter and explore. 

[above images: amazon.ca]

The books are richly illustrated and wonderfully designed. We were especially taken by the details of The Moveable Mother Goose and The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. We haven't shared them with the young reader yet (there's still two more sleeps to Christmas morning) but were certain she'll be as enthralled as we are.

[image: Robert Sabuda]

Of course, all of this enchantment has left us wanting to create some pop ups of our own. Once again, it's Robert Sabuda to the rescue. His website offers free downloadable templates for making 3D papercrafts — including holiday-themed pop ups for those who have some last-minute cards to create

card templates

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