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Let There Be Light

[images: Erik Hoglund chandelier; Erik Hoglund candelabra from J.F. Chen; retro-inspired Fruiteria lamp from Anthropologie; Alsterfors cased glass lamp from Moderist Glass.

This is how the Covet Garden mind works: In our current issue, Alexx and Paul have an impressive array of cool mid-century modern furniture and pretty glass objects. Which got us to thinking about modernist art glass. Which started us down a rabbit hole that led to hours of online window shopping for Scandinavian lamps, chandeliers and candleholders from design concerns such as Kosta-Boda, Holmegaard and Alsterfors.

These pieces are appealing because of their bold, sculptural shapes and cool colours (light streams through beautifully), but also because they can sometimes (if you're very lucky) still be picked up for a song at thrift shops and flea markets.