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Graphic, Novel

Alexx and Paul, featured in Issue7, are big fans of the poster. The brighter, the bolder the better! Illustration is art, we say! And here are a few of our favourite illustrators:

[image: Alanna Cavanagh S is for Swing silkscreen and A Room of One's Own silkscreen, both available at Telegramme.]

Alanna Cavanagh's prints keep turning up in the spaces we shoot. Her aged and worn blow ups of old Penguin paperbacks are genius.

[image: Team Macho Everybody Hates You Silkscreen (top) available at Magic Pony.]

Team Macho are an illustration/fine art collective that mix pop-culture references with otherworldly images. They blow our minds.

[Image: Doublenaut Your Ghost print available at Telegramme]

Toronto’s Andrew and Matt McCracken of Doublenaut started out in music graphics and have made some pretty nifty silkscreened posters for bands like Broken Social Scene and St. Vincent. Their designs make us want to start a band.

(If you want to peek into their apartment, they were recently featured in DesignSponge.)


[image: Greasychickenface Birds available from Greasychickenface]

Original artwork can be affordable too! The colourful paintings of illustrator Greasychickenface (aka Kristina Møller) make us feel happy inside.