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Guest Blogger: Tech Talk With Nicole Henderson

[images: Yard Sale Mapper app, shake it photos of yard sale finds by Jessica Reid]

Like, Vicki in the current issue of Covet Garden, I love a great yard sale find. My Saturday morning routine always involves more than one garage sale, so I was thrilled to find an iPhone app and a website that help map out my route. Both save time providing directions and sale details,  allowing me to decide if it's worth travelling out of my way to take a chance on some one's trash (which is particularly important when you don't have a car like us). Here are the details:

Pros: The app is free! Also, it allows you to see the full description of the sale if it's posted on Craigslist. It also connects you to Google Street View if you get lost. You can access Google maps to zoom and find sales closest to your house, or zoom out if you feel like trying your luck across town. You can also choose which day you want to go hunting to plan a full weekend of thrifting.
Cons: When searching for directions, the app closes to take you to Google. 
For over a year GarageSailor has been mapping garage sales on its website. It's in beta testing, so it's not perfect, but it works well if you want to print out information about a garage sale. It uses the same Google map technology as Yard Sale Mapper to allows you to locate sales in your neighbourhood by entering either your postal code or address.
Pros: The printing option is great for those who are more old school thrifters. Or perhaps you're like me and are terrible at remembering to charge your smartphone. Either way, it's a nice option. 
Cons: The technology is very basic and there is no mobile app.

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