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Adventures in Cape Town: Behind the Scenes at Skinny LaMinx

[image: skinny laminx]

Covet Garden's own Jessica travelled to Cape Town, South Africa earler this month. She came back with lots of great stories and discoveries to share. This is the first of four posts detailing her adventures.

Regular readers of Covet Garden know of our admiration for Heather Moore, the illustrator and designer behind the textiles and homewares label Skinny LaMinx. So when I found out I was going to Cape Town, I knew I had to visit her new brick and mortar shop, which opened last December. And as you can see from the photos, it's an amazing showcase of her distinctive style. My fellow Covey G'er Rhonda wants to live in this store!

Heather is pretty amazing herself. I emailed before leaving Toronto and she gave me great tips on exploring her city. We also met at her shop and she let me peek into her studio. I loved seeing the bits and pieces of inspiration she keeps on hand, such as her collection of Arts and Crafts-style book jackets, and a vase full of wooden spoons (which were no doubt the inspiration for her "Borrowed Spoons" tea towel). While being in South Africa provided new context to the way Heather is influenced by her surroundings in her pattern and imagery (like the amazing plant-life I spotted on my trip up to the top of Table Mountain), there is something very international about the Skinny LaMinx style. 

Similarly, Heather takes inspiration from her colourful collection of vintage fabrics, but there's something very fresh about her designs and the interior of her shop and studio.

[studio photos by Jessica Reid. Pillow by skinny laminx]

I couldn't resist buying a metre of her "Flower Field" fabric in Rosy (pictured above). I'm not sure what I'll make out of it (suggestions are welcome in the comments below), but it will at least be lovingly hoarded for some time.

Reader Comments (3)

Fab pictures! I particularly love the reupholstered sofa, the rug and the pile of vintage fabrics.

February 21, 2012 | Unregistered Commentermodflowers

I think you should use the fabric to make an old friend some pillows.....which old friend you ask?? Very jealous of your trip and beautiful pix!!

February 21, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterEmily

Don't hord! Make a dress for your little girl! That way we all get to enjoy it all summer long :)

March 15, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterAnette Larsson

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