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Holly Wheatcroft on Sculpture

[World Tree Wood, Linen, oil, aluminum 58x13x19.5 in]

One of the things we love most about artist Holly Wheatcroft's home in the current issue of Covet Garden is how she embraces three dimensional art in her rooms. It makes sense because she is a sculptor. So we wanted to ask her a little more about her art, her influences and how we can incorporate more sculpyure into our own spaces.

[Mr. Potato Head walnut, oil, linen, steel 12x8x5 in]

Covet Garden: What are your influences?

Holly: A lot of my pieces are informed by art history. The piece above, Mr. Potato Head, is informed by a collage by George Grosz.  The piece below [Bonjour] was inspired by Dadaist drawing by Max Ernst.

CG: You did a lot of collage in your early work. What inspired you to move into sculpture?

HW: Peak Gallery in Toronto had a call for submissions for a show called You-Tube-It. All of the work submitted had to be able to fit into a FedEx shipping tube. I had started doing my ladder pieces but I thought "how am I going to fit one in a FedEx tube?" I also wanted to do a piece that spoke about breaking international boundaries. Then I got the idea to put the support rod down the middle. The piece then became kinetic — like a multi-directional signpost. It was a metaphor for communication, which is what shipping by courier is all about."


[Bonjour wood oil 17x5 in]

CG: How can we bring more art into our lives?

HW: Don't be afraid of something that you think is not you. That's what I love about Art Bomb [a daily online auction site featuring rising Canadian art stars]. You can look at art but it's not as intimidating as buying in a gallery. You get to take a chance on something new.

CG: You have a lot of amazing three dimensional art in your own home. We love how you take sculptural pieces off of the pedestal. How can we incorporate more sculpture into our lives?

My work isn't quiet. It's about exploring. But at the same time it gives you a sense of peace and soothing.

When you talk about art, especially sculpture, you also have to talk about the space around the object. Postive space is an image or an object. Negative space is the area that surrounds the object.  For me, a big part of sculpture is shadow. In my work, I use shadow and the kinetic component to activate the negative space. It makes a room more dynamic.

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