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Lynda's Square Foot Project: Setting Goals

Do you ever see an image of a place and it speaks to you so strongly that it almost hurts because you want to be there so badly? For me, this is that image.

A year ago I had a conversation with my best friend about our future — where do we see ourselves, what do we want to be doing, and how can we make it happen? Without ever talking about this before we both realized that we wanted to live in Central America. And the fact that I had been staring daily at this picture, along with the knowledge that we could do this together just made the idea so much more desirable.

The Pisces in me wanted to move right away but the Scorpio in her reminded me that a move like this requires planning and time and so for now we are taking baby steps towards making this happen for us.

One of the many things to consider how much space I could comfortably live in — hence my 300 square foot project. Because in order to live where I want, I will have live with a lot less stuff. To help me reach my downsizing goals, I have started to collect inspirational shots that are reflective of this dream that is still forming (I cant help it, I’m a collector and at least this doesn’t take up any space — except on my hard drive).

[images: Betsy Johnson's place near the Mexican Riviera via Shelter Pop]

Here are some inspirational images of Betsy Johnson and her home in Zihuatanejo, Mexico. I love the dress and plan on wearing white dresses and plenty of them in this next phase of my life. I also love the décor, which I like to refer to as "Vintage Island Pretty."

Who but Betsy Johnson would have a home on a beach in Mexico like this? No one I know of which makes it all the more spectacular.

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