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Sneak Peek: A Children's Garden of Art

[Pirate Sweater by Iza Mokrosz]

In our upcoming issue of Covet Garden, we feature the home of artist Iza and her daughter Olive. Art is important in Iza's life, she want to make sure that her child also gets to enjoy and explore the visual world.

Which brings us to a site called The Little Collector. Billed as a place where you can get "contemporary art for kids," Little collector offers a little bit more than that. Working with internationally known illustrators and artists, such as Kenney Scharf and Shepard Fairey, the mandate of the site is to create works with young folks in mind. But most of the pieces would appeal to any adult sensibility as well.

[Dunkin Donuts Vega by Matthew Carden]

[Fisher Price People by Marget Morrison]

[Ferris Wheel by David Levinthal]

The site also offers Art 101 to educate kids about art and artists. They also have a blog that features interviews with artists like Iza. The goal is to make art accessible to all and to encourage an understanding of the creative process. And we say cheers to that!

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