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After Hours With Naomi: The Spritzer Redefined

[photo, Naomi Clement]

It seems there's no point in trying to fight it anymore: I am becoming my mother.  What finally made me come to terms with this and tipped the scales? Was it the fact that I chew my lip in the same way she does when lost in thought? Our shared love for quilting and Georgette Heyer novels? Perhaps it was the way we are both agonize over the details? Our sense of humour? Nope. The thing that finally made me realize it and accept the inevitable, was the day I actually willingly made myself a white wine spritzer. And enjoyed it.

In my defense, it happened out of sheer necessity. I found myself with a half-finished four-day-old bottle of white wine, and my frugal self couldn’t bear to let it go to waste. It really didn’t taste all that great anymore on it’s own, and as I have a Soda Stream at home (see my earlier article on this must-have kitchen accessory), I decided to go for it. So, in the safety of my own home, I made myself my first ever spritzer. And thus went down the rabbit hole to the 1980s. Minus the shoulder pads.

At first I told myself that it was okay, all hope was not lost, the spritzer was really just my "pre-drink" drink… my warm up, my sensible way of keeping hydrated, not to mention a more economical beverage option. But the truth is, I drank a spritzer and I liked it.

My problem is that I am always thirsty so I tend to guzzle whatever I am drinking rather indiscriminately. So the spritzer was a nice compromise. I got to guzzle, while not getting completely shit-faced in the process.  Oh how sensible I have become in my old age.

But then the day came when I just wanted something more. Something with a little more kick. A little more edge. And thus my genius re-interpretation of the spritzer was born; by taking two of my favourite beverages in the world, Sauvignon Blanc and Gin, adding in a little citrus and sparkling water, I concocted the ultimate summer apperatif. There is something about the clean grassy-ness of the Sauvignon Blanc, paired with the juniper and other botanicals in the Gin that is so refreshing on a hot summer afternoon.

Below is the recipe — feel free to play with the proportions, but be forewarned that it is deceptively easy to drink and you should proceed with caution.

Not Your Mother's Spritzer

  • 3/4 ounce gin (I use Tanqueray or Bombay)
  • 3 ounces of decent Sauvignon Blanc (no point in using anything fancy—I like the Santa Rita 120 Sauvignon Blanc from Chile for $10.95)
  • Slice of each lemon and lime
  • Soda
  • Ice

Mix the gin and wine together in a rocks glass or wine glass, add a handful of ice, top with soda and garnish with lemon and lime and enjoy. Makes 1 serving. 

Reader Comments (1)

Not only have I read all but like 3 Heyer novels, but I LOVE spritzers. It's always a little embarrassing but they're yummy, you don't start acting like an idiot (as quickly), and no headache (which I usually get with wine). Thanks so much for this recipe, I'll feel much less geriatric from now on.

August 23, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterLaura

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