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Tea Sets

Hope you like our special secon anniversary issue of Covet Garden. John and Stephanie's homes were so much fun to shoot. It was also inspirational — I have always been a fan of package design and my passion was re-kindled after our visit to John's place.

My newly awakened eye spotted these beautiful boxes from Clipper Teas while out last weekend. The package design is by a UK-based company called Big Fish. I love the hand-lettered typography and the simple but striking illustrations.

[above images: Clipper Teas]

[images: Karel Capek]


I also love retro kid's book illustration. Which is why I love these vintage-look collectable tins from the Karel Capek tea shop in Japan. Designed by illustrator Utako Yamada, these adorable containers would be so great to use for storage after your special tisane is all gone!

[image: Løv Organic]

John himself is a fan of the tea. I spotted a tin of this loveliness nestled amongst all his fabulous vintage tins. Don't be fooled by their Scandinavian name, Løv Organic is a French company dedicated to quality, ecology and design. http://en.lov-organic.com/

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