Postcard from Oaxaca: The Art Of Textiles

[Images: Lynda Felton]

The Textile Museum in Oaxaca (Museo Textil de Oaxaca) is in a beautifull colonial–era building that itself was constructed on the grounds of the former Dominican convent of San Pablo. This two-story baroque Oaxacan mansion dates to the 18th century and was restored as part of its mandate to save the city's historical center and create new cultural spaces. The restoration project began in 2007 and the museum was inaugurated in 2008.

Today, the museum's main purpose is to study, preserve and promote the diversity of textiles of the indigenous people of Mexico and the world. Besides exhibit rooms, it also contains a conservation workshop, textile storehouse, education center and library.

During my visit, the museum featuried two exhibits. The first showcased artists from an embroidery collective who created a 35-foot long tapestry that paid tribute to Mexico’s history of the making of fibers, cloth and other textile goods. This tradition goes back to at least 1400 BCE — and the style of embroidery of the Otomi women in the Tenango Valley of Hidalgo, Mexico can be traced back to pre Aztec Meso-America.

In the second exhibit, a group of artists, scientists and students teamed up to explore the possibilities of combining historic textile techniques with new digital tools. This collaboration is also dedicated to encouraging research in the areas of communication and "soft computing" in the assessment of textile arts as an integral component of human experience.


Issue 45 is Now Live!

[Image: Donna Griffith]

This month, Covet Garden takes a tour of artist and entrepreneur Cody’s semi-gothic live/work space. It is an amazing space that houses collections of antiques and ephemera! Frankly, it made us swoon so we know that you'll love exploring this space too.

Also inside our May issue: Festival ready looks inspired by Cody’s vintage style; cool ways to cook with Kale; and great paper goods for your own home.

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Green Up Your Cocktail With Kale

[Image: Donna Griffith]

Most customers are a little scared of a kale cocktail, but once they try it they usually like it, especially if they like a Negroni or other bitter cocktails - See more at:

If you balk at eating your greens, consider drinking them instead. Okay, we admit that there's probably no nutritional value to adding an infusion of kale to your cocktail, but the tart taste of this leafy green works nicely with a bitter liqueur such as cynar, to bring out the herbal flavour of gin.

Covet Garden asked Toronto-based food stylist and recipe developer LeeAnne Wright to mix up a sweet kale syrup to help freshen up your next drink.

[image: Jessica Reid]


 Kale Syrup

1 cup sugar

1 cup water

a large handful of kale leaves

1. Boil water and stir sugar until it's dissolved. Then remove from heat.

2. Add kale leaves. Let steep 20 minutes.

3. Add to blender or food processor. Blend thoroughly, then strain most of the mixture into a clean sealable container (leaving some kale leaves makes the cocktail a little more colourful). Lasts up to 1 week in fridge.


Best of Etsy: Hi Mom!

[Avonnie Studio mug]

We here at Covet Garden love our moms. Why some of us are moms! And while we hope we show our moms that we love and appreciate them every day, we know that Mother's do like a little present every now and then. Our mothers were also the ladies who taught us how to knit and sew and encouraged our artistic endeavours (my mom has even helped out on DIY projects for the blog). So this Mother's Day, we've been searching for momentos that reflect that spirit of creativity.

[Karolin Schnoor Girl With Flowers print]

[Jen Hewett Fete of Roses foldover clutch]

[Scripted Jewelry handwriting bracelet]

[Vera Viola Vintage Mother Poem]

If you can't make something yourself, the next best thing is shopping for vintage and handmade offerings from Etsy. The following finds are just a few of our favourites—we've assembled a nice list of objects that are sure to make your the number one child. Check it out and say hi to your mother for me.


Postcard from Oaxaca: Lynda Loves Mexico

[Lynda outside of Oaxaca’s Contemporary Art Museum. Image: Donna Griffith]

This year for my landmark birthday I decided to take myself on a trip to Oaxaca, Mexico. It is a place that I have wanted to visit for quite some time.

The state of Oaxaca is the fifth largest in Mexico. It’s also the one with the most cultural diversity because it encompasses so many different geographical and climatalogical conditions. The moment I arrived I was hit with a blow to my senses. This city is full of colour: brightly coloured buildings, clothing, textiles, ceramics, flowers, food and so much more! And after a long, gray miserable winter this was just what I needed.

[A shop on Hidalgo Street. Image: Lynda Felton]

[Colourful facades on Colon Street. Image: Lynda Felton]

[A weaver on Arteaga Street. Image: Lynda Felton]                                                    

[Adorable ornaments in the town of Arrazola. Image: Lynda Felton]

My hotel was across the street from the Benito Jaurez market where you can buy everything from meat to produce and clothing to ceramics. I started every morning with a trip to the market to get a hugo verde (green juice) consisting of cacti, aloe, parsley and fresh grapefruit.

[The Cathedral of our Lady of the Assumption. Image: Lynda Felton]

[Oaxaca’s Indigenous Academic and Cultural Centre. Image: Donna Griffith]

From there each day was different. There’s so much to see and around this city. Beautiful colonial architecture and vibrant cultural traditions, excellent cuisine and amazing handicrafts—trust me, you won't be bored. There is always something being celebrated somewhere. Even birthdays are marked with 6:00 a.m. fireworks, which I have to say did take a while to get used to. 

Stay tuned for part two of my Oaxaca diaries...