Best of Etsy: Green Christmas

1.Tapio Wirkkala Iittala Ultima Thule highball glass from MidMomStore; 2. Dots furoshiki in rust from The Link Collective; 3. Vintage pinecone ornament from Efinegifts; 4. Vintage Swedish linen tablecloth from Loppislover; 5. Ho Ho Ho postcard from Mozaiq; 6. Hand-printed gift tags from Anna Joyce.

We here at Covet Garden have been thinking long and hard about decorating for the upcoming holiday season. This year, we are really focussing on finding festive things that are eco-friendly and fun enough that we could use them all year-round. So we turned to Etsy to seek out handmade and vintage items such as cloth furoshiki's to wrap presents in, cards and tags made from recycled paper and great wintery objects and ornaments to add cheer all-year-long.

We wrapped them all up in a new treasury called Holiday In, to help inspire your own Christmas, Hanukah or Kwanzaa celebrations. Remember that it takes a while for parcels to arrive in the mail, so start shopping today!


Green Giving

[image: Pure Green Magazine]

Since the stores are already filling up with Christmas decorations, we thought that we would get on the holiday bandwagon and help you simplify your shopping list. If you love our special print edition Covet Garden Home, chances are your friends, family and colleagues will as well. And if you love Covet Garden, we know you'll love Pure Green Magazine — a Canadian publication dedicated to supporting an eco-friendly lifestyle, handmade culture, small businesses and green designers from around the world.

We've teamed up with Pure Green Magazine to make you a special offer: Purchase a copy of our special print edition Covet Garden Home plus the most recent issue of Pure Green Magazine for only $25 plus postage.

Visit our online shop and save! (Offer only available to Canadian residents).

If you have a long "nice" list, we also want to let you know that you can buy Covet Garden Home in bulk at a discounted price. Contact us for more information.


Issue 51 is Now Live!

[Painting by Holly Farrell]

This month, Covet Garden pays a leisurely visit to the Parkdale home of Holly and Steven. The couple lives in a lovingly renovated their late 1800s Parkdale house that's filled stocked it with fun, vintage collections. Holly also uses these collections as inspiration for her art practice. And we just want to add that mere pictures and prose cannot convey how warm and witty Holly and Steven are. We loved spending time with them and we know you will too!

In fact, we were so inspired by Holly and Steven that we created a new monthly feature called "Our View," in which the Covet Garden team talks about how our featured homes made us think about our own spaces and collections. This month Lynda talks about how she and Holly are kindred collecting spirits, while Jessica discusses the meaningfulness of art. As a special, blog only bonus track, yours truly (Rhonda) shares an appreciation for listening to David Sylvian on a rainy day. Watch this video directed by Anton Corbijn and starring photographer Angus McBean to see what I mean.




We love books! We love the magic of the written word. We love the feel of the creamy pages. And we could stare at the typography and illustrations of a well-designed cover for hours. So needless to say, we want to give our favourite tomes a place of honour in our rooms.

[above images: Colleen Nicholson]

We were also super excited when Indigo, Chapters and Coles made our own book, Covet Garden Home, a deal of the month for October (just use the code COVETGARDEN4 at checkout). If you already have a copy, at this you can always order a few (or a lot) more to give as gifts to friends, family and colleagues. Share the love!

Indigo is a great place to buy books, but they are also a fantastic source home decor items (like the oversized gold wishbone pictured above). So we selected a favourites from their fall/winter collections, mixed them up with some must-read titles and shot them on our own shelves to illustrate ways to create gorgeous vignettes with good reads.

[image: Jessica Reid]


Pompon Party DIY

[Jessica, Lynda and Rhonda at Anthropologie]

The Covet Garden team recently held a DIY workshop at Anthropologie at The Shops at Don Mills. We had an excellent turnout, met many cool people (both attendees and Anthropologie staffers) and basically had a great evening making pompon necklaces. 

We wanted to share the good times with everybody. Here’s our DIY pompon tutorial so you can to create your own ball of fun!

What you need:
• a large serving fork with four tines
• a small pair of sharp scissors
• yarn
• 6 inches of strong string (we used waxed string)

Start by wrapping your yarn around the fork about 30 to 35 times.

2.  Slip the yarn up the center of the fork, and using the string, thread one end through the middle gap in the fork tines at the bottom and bring the end up and through the middle gap in the tines at the top.

3. Tie a tight knot in the middle of your fork with the string. This is what holds your pompon together. 

4. Slide yarn off the fork.

5.  Use scissors to snip the loops at both ends of your yarn ball ensuring that you get them all as they are layered from wrapping around the fork. Then trim the pompon until you get the perfect shape and size.

Note:  Don’t cut the string tails! This allows you to use them to tie your pompons onto other things like a present or a length of chain to make a necklace.