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Best of Covet Garden: Chairs

[Shelley's dining room chairs from Issue2. Photography: Jodi Pudge]

We have a bit of a a chair fixation here at Covet Garden. Maybe it's because we spent our youth watching tv's The Friendly Giant invite us to pull up one of his miniature mismatched chairs and sit by the fire. Or maybe, to paraphrase Vicki from Issue12, just one chair can transform a space without blowing your bank account.

Here are some of of out favourite seats from our back issues:

[Kurt and Lori's Eames rocker from Issue9; photography, Michael Graydon]

[Nancy's 3rd Uncle and vintage stools from Issue14; photography, Donna Griffith]

[Tracy's wishbone chairs from Issue6; photography, Tracy Shumate]

Vicki, Lily and Piper's mis-matched chairs from Issue12; photography, Tracy Shumate]