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Art Attack

[Tara Cooper "God Loves Brigus" at Loop Gallery]

Over the years, Covet Garden has featured the homes of a lot of artists. Probably because of their creative take on domesticity. We also love their art and it seems that a lot of people who've we've visited in the past are having art shows now or in the near future. So we thought we'd alert you to some of these amazing exhibiions.

[Tara and Terry from Issue 13]

Last summer Tara Cooper spent the summer in a residency at Landfall Trust in Brigus, Newfoundland. "During a 3-week stay," she says, "I researched the history of the area and took note of the weather. I watched an iceberg slowly dissolve in the bay, learned about Captain Bob Bartlett, an arctic explorer who brought a polar bear home to Brigus, and met Ray, the caretaker of Landfall, who told stories about his grandfather – a whaler that lost his life in an explosion at sea." Cooper also collaborated with her partner  Terry O'Neill, "God Love Brigus"  combines sculpture, print, photography and text for a far out experience. THe show is on until Nov. 1.

[Holly Farrell, "The Hot Canary" at The Clark Gallery]


[Hollly,  from Issue 51]

When we visited artist Holly Farrel and her partner Steven Naylor in their home/studio we loved the way their objects overlapped with Holly's subject matter. Her latest show, Books, at Boston's Clark Gallery, features new paintings of dometic delights. The show runs until Nov. 2.

[Cody Deane, "Come to My Mountain" at Likely General]

[Cody from Issue 45]

When we toured painter Cody Deane's place, she was running a store on Dundas Street West. She has since closed up shop arn returned to her art practice. The fruits of her labour can be seen at the show "Come to My Mountain at Likely General. You can check out her beautiful paintings until November 1.



Green Giving

[image: Pure Green Magazine]

Since the stores are already filling up with Christmas decorations, we thought that we would get on the holiday bandwagon and help you simplify your shopping list. If you love our special print edition Covet Garden Home, chances are your friends, family and colleagues will as well. And if you love Covet Garden, we know you'll love Pure Green Magazine — a Canadian publication dedicated to supporting an eco-friendly lifestyle, handmade culture, small businesses and green designers from around the world.

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We love books! We love the magic of the written word. We love the feel of the creamy pages. And we could stare at the typography and illustrations of a well-designed cover for hours. So needless to say, we want to give our favourite tomes a place of honour in our rooms.

[above images: Colleen Nicholson]

We were also super excited when Indigo, Chapters and Coles made our own book, Covet Garden Home, a deal of the month for October (just use the code COVETGARDEN4 at checkout). If you already have a copy, at this you can always order a few (or a lot) more to give as gifts to friends, family and colleagues. Share the love!

Indigo is a great place to buy books, but they are also a fantastic source home decor items (like the oversized gold wishbone pictured above). So we selected a favourites from their fall/winter collections, mixed them up with some must-read titles and shot them on our own shelves to illustrate ways to create gorgeous vignettes with good reads.

[image: Jessica Reid]


Fall Reading List

It’s a was a rainy day in Toronto yesterday and this morning it is really starting to feel like fall is settling in. At least that will be our excuse for staying snuggled under the covers with a few good books this weekend. Here’s our reading list:

As typography and design nerds, we were big fans of Vancouver-based designer Marian Bantjes’ first book, I Wonder. Her new tome, Pretty Pictures, is a monograph of her collected works but it is much more than a catalogue—it also provides a peek at Bantjes’ process with sketches, rejected concepts and her thoughts on each project. Plus, the book itself is a beautiful object.

As furniture nerds,  we can’t get enough of the work of British industrial designer Tom Dixon. The new book, Tom Dixon: Dixonary, collects the self-taught designer’s ouevre in one book, with hundreds of illustrations as well as his personal insights on inspiration. Dixonary is, in his own words words, “a simple picture book with short ‘stories’ attached.”

And as building nerds, we’ve been waiting for the perfect rainy weekend to get lost in Montreal architect Phyllis Lambert’s Building a Seagram, a memoir of the building of Mies van der Rohe and and Philip Johnson’s great modernist skyscraper, New York’s Seagram Building. The daughter of Samuel Bronfman, then head of the Seagram Distillery empire, Lambert was charged with finding an architect to design the family flagship. The book is full of  architecture and art world gossip with just enough scholarly detail to make it a not-so-guilty pleasure.


Ahead Of Our Time?

Leafing through the new Ikea Catalogue we spotted this layout pictured above. Which reminded us of Dennis' foliage-filled living room in Covet Garden Issue 3 from November 2010 (shown below). What we're trying to say is that if you haven't perused our back issues, we can assure you you will find plenty of inspiration for your rooms in our past pages.

Catalogue vs real rooms. What do you think about this look? We'd love to hear your views in the comments?