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Good Fourtou

[Designer Brian McCarthy's bathroom from House Beautiful's April 2013 issue]

We came across this image of a whimsical, art-filled home in last month's issue of House Beautiful. We were instantly inspired by the unconventional use of art in the space — especially the mix of classical furniture and antiques mixe with the modern photo-based art. Further digging on the internet turned up more amazing work from Belgian artist Jean Francois Fourtou, the artist who created two of the pieces shown above.

[Fourtou's giraffe sculpture in desiner Ora Ito's home via here]

Of course, the life-sized animal pieces he constructs out of paper reminded us of the presence of animals in Morgan and Christopher's apartment from this month's Covet Garden. Taxidermy may not be your thing, but how amazing are these giraffes in the spaces here? Fourtou's pieces are all about memories of childhood and trying to recover lost pieces of your past in your environment. We certainly remember thinking that a magical creature might be around every corner when we were young and love the idea of recapturing that feeling in our homes now!

[Fourtou's home and atelier in Marrakech]