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Lynda's Square Foot Project: Crocheted Scarf

I love to buy yarn and then dream about all the great things I will make — a tea cozy, a hat, a sweater for Lily. The truth is, I’m a dream weaver. I envision myself having a knitting project on-the-go at all times because I like to think I’m that gal. You know, the kind of gal who curls up with a cup of tea and can knit for hours. And I was her — once.  That was a while ago yet I still have a collection of lovely yarns around my house in various baskets and bowls. When I look at them I feel like a fraud. So, this months’ square foot project was to think of a way to use up all the bits of wool around my home.

I was inspired by Alexx’s four hundred squares-blanket featured in Covet Garden Issue 7. I like the  idea of making a bunch of little things that could then become a bigger thing. I’ve always wanted to learn how to crochet so I found a helpful how-to crochet a circle video on YouTube. I began with circles of different sizes and they were so cute and easy to make that before I knew it I had used up all my yarn. Looking at them gathered together on the floor it came to me — I'll make a scarf. Who can have too many scarves during the winter? Not me that’s who!

And that’s not all.  I then sold one of the that bowls that I used to display my yarn! 

Let's recap:

I started by wanting to reduce my "stuff" foot print to 1,600 square feet. Last month's square foot total was 1,594 square feet

 • 18 balls of yarn = 4 square feet 

 • 1 bowl =1 square foot

New total = 1,589 square feet