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Drive By Photo Shooting

[photos by Jessica Reid—mostly taken from my car (when stopped!)]

LA. The weather can't be beat, and it's gorgeous by the beach, but I have had a hard time appreciating the rest of the city until now. As an east-coaster who loves to walk, the driving culture in LA has always made it a bit difficult for me to love the place, but this time was different. Instead of seeing the dingy strip-malls and lack of people on the streets, I came to appreciate the vast blue skies, the vintage signs and the bits of Old Hollywood that remain. 

I even found some great neighbourhoods to explore on foot. Here's what I recommend checking out if you go.

1. Silverlake: Great boutiques like The Dream Collective, Clare VivierMollusk and Reform School. Amazing Thai food at Night Market Song and Taiwanese food at Pine and Crane are just the beginning!

2. Larchmount Village: This sweet little neighbourhood features a great kids' boutiques, the not-to-be-missed Salt and Straw ice cream from Portland and local institution Chevalier's Books, which has been on the strip since 1940.

3. Atwater Village: I love me some fabric, so I had to check out Sew L.A. I was not disapointed by their selection of textiles and patterns. And Proof Bakery across the street had tasty sandwiches and pastries.

4. Rosebowl Flea: If you happen to be in Los Angeles on the second Sunday of the month, and you like looking for treasures, you can't miss this massive market! 

5. Little Tokyo: You must check out Kinokuniya for an amazing selection of art, craft and design books in Japanese and English and more beautiful stationery items than one can possibly handle. There are also tons of great places to grab a bite, as well as a Japanese grocery store and Anzen Hardware — an old school emporium where top restaurants come to buy kitchen supplies. A nearby shop that's also worth a visit is the design-driven housewares shop Poketo.

6. Santa Monica: Closer to the beachyou'll find this amazing, twice-weekly farmers' market. Or head down to Venice Beach, stroll along the shore and then take a walk down Abbot Kinney Boulevard to explore the shops and restaurants and check out the nearby canals. 


Good Fourtou

[Designer Brian McCarthy's bathroom from House Beautiful's April 2013 issue]

We came across this image of a whimsical, art-filled home in last month's issue of House Beautiful. We were instantly inspired by the unconventional use of art in the space — especially the mix of classical furniture and antiques mixe with the modern photo-based art. Further digging on the internet turned up more amazing work from Belgian artist Jean Francois Fourtou, the artist who created two of the pieces shown above.

[Fourtou's giraffe sculpture in desiner Ora Ito's home via here]

Of course, the life-sized animal pieces he constructs out of paper reminded us of the presence of animals in Morgan and Christopher's apartment from this month's Covet Garden. Taxidermy may not be your thing, but how amazing are these giraffes in the spaces here? Fourtou's pieces are all about memories of childhood and trying to recover lost pieces of your past in your environment. We certainly remember thinking that a magical creature might be around every corner when we were young and love the idea of recapturing that feeling in our homes now!

[Fourtou's home and atelier in Marrakech]


July Gwylan Goddard Contest Winner


Sneak Peek: Behind the Scenes of a Covet Garden Shoot

[Maya Visnyei's studio before the shot is set up]

One of the best things about putting together an issue of Covet Garden is the photo shoots. Especially our project page pictures. We always have a great time working with so many lovely and talented photographers and food stylists. Because we spend so much of energy documenting the sublime style of our featured householders, these photo days give us a chance to flex our own creative muscles!

We thought we'd share a behind-the-scenes peek of shoot we did for our upcoming second anniversary issue in September. Today we worked with the extraordinary photographer Maya Visnyei and food stylist Julie Zambonelli doing their magic and making sure a delicious tea sandwich is ready for its closeup.

Our own Lynda Felton brought fantastic floral prints and colourful vintage pieces along to brighten up the images and the day. That's her hiding behind a scrumptious cake (many treats were eaten, nothing went to waste)! We can't wait until September to share the finished recipes but we will have to learn to be patient.

[all images, Jessica Reid]


Lynda's Square Foot Project: Setting Goals

Do you ever see an image of a place and it speaks to you so strongly that it almost hurts because you want to be there so badly? For me, this is that image.

A year ago I had a conversation with my best friend about our future — where do we see ourselves, what do we want to be doing, and how can we make it happen? Without ever talking about this before we both realized that we wanted to live in Central America. And the fact that I had been staring daily at this picture, along with the knowledge that we could do this together just made the idea so much more desirable.

The Pisces in me wanted to move right away but the Scorpio in her reminded me that a move like this requires planning and time and so for now we are taking baby steps towards making this happen for us.

One of the many things to consider how much space I could comfortably live in — hence my 300 square foot project. Because in order to live where I want, I will have live with a lot less stuff. To help me reach my downsizing goals, I have started to collect inspirational shots that are reflective of this dream that is still forming (I cant help it, I’m a collector and at least this doesn’t take up any space — except on my hard drive).

[images: Betsy Johnson's place near the Mexican Riviera via Shelter Pop]

Here are some inspirational images of Betsy Johnson and her home in Zihuatanejo, Mexico. I love the dress and plan on wearing white dresses and plenty of them in this next phase of my life. I also love the décor, which I like to refer to as "Vintage Island Pretty."

Who but Betsy Johnson would have a home on a beach in Mexico like this? No one I know of which makes it all the more spectacular.